Proposed Preamble to Our Constitution and Bylaws

Amendment # 1

"We, the working class, produce all of the goods and services in our society; we also constitute the overwhelming majority of people. However, instead of fully directing and enjoying the fruits of our labor, we have allowed the lion’s share of our wealth to be given to the few who compose the wealthy capitalist class. Throughout the history of capitalism, these few have waged class war so that they may hoard what they have never earned, as well as that which they have stolen. The capitalist class i.e. the wealthy and elite -- which claims ownership over our industry, commerce, finance, and land -- has kept the spoils of this war by means of combination, governmental intervention, and the sowing of division among us.

"The costs of their class war are great. Far too many have been, and continue to be, deprived, malnourished, or even starved. Others have been, and continue to be, brutalized, and even killed through willful negligence or violence. Our very planet is being destroyed. To save ourselves, the working class must organize itself beyond individual unions. All workers must band together to build a more just society. Instead of working for the profit and wealth of the few, we will work for the wealth and health of all. Instead of unnecessary weapons, mismanaged funds, unnecessary poverty, and unjustly imprisoned masses, there will be bread and roses for all our people. Namely, ample social benefits and common expressions of our vast, diverse cultural heritage will be enjoyed by all workers. Instead of spreading hate, we will spread love of all our people.

"We, the representatives of the various trade and labor Unions in these Green Mountains do hereby form the Vermont State Labor Council, AFL-CIO, for the purpose of organizing and concentrating the efforts of the working class for our mutual protection, education and advancement. We would work toward establishing a more just society based on economic equity and a more direct democracy, and to that end we adopt the following: