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Emergency Community Discussion

December 12, 2016
6:00PM - 8:00PM
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The Green Mountain Labor Council, AFL-CIO is hosting an Emergency Community Discussion on Dec. 12th from 6-8 pm at Christ Episcopal Church, 64 State Street, Montpelier. Join the Emergency Community Discussion! RSVP here.  

Together with our union, social movement, and community based allies we will plan a united, strategic response to the extreme right wing, anti-worker agenda that we will be facing. We don’t need a crystal ball to figure out what a Trump presidency has in store, especially with Republicans controlling the House and the Senate.

We need to come together to understand the attacks that will be coming down on our unions, workers rights, women's rights, immigrants’ human rights, on black Americans, on the planet and climate justice, on seniors, on the lgbtq community - in other words on the 99%. Going beyond fear and rage we will strategize how to work together to turn things around.

The Trump/Ryan agenda includes: passing national right to work (for less) legislation, defunding unions (expect court decisions to make the public sector open shop), outsourcing and privatizing more public services, baning prevailing-wage laws, rolling back recent pro-workers rights National Labor Relations Board decisions, initiating the process to deport over 2 million migrants; imposing a hiring freeze on federal employees, removing roadblocks to dirty energy projects like Keystone KXL, DAPL and other oil and gas pipelines, and canceling payments to UN climate change programs. The impact of their policies would intensify racial oppression, roll back women's rights, slash Medicare disability, victimize the lgbtq community, cut Medicaid funding (making the Vermont state budget scream), eliminate the subsidies that make Vermont Health Connect (Obamacare) more affordable, eventually abolish Medicare by replacing it with vouchers, privatize social security…

The old slogan of the labor movement – “an injury to one is an injury to all” – was never more relevant. "If they come for one of us, they come for all of us!" The enormous determination to fight back being shown by hundreds of thousands of young people, women, people of color, immigrants, union members, and LGBTQ people points to the potential for building the biggest mass movement in our history which can turn this country around.

Join the Emergency Community Discussion! RSVP here.  `