Take Action

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The $15/hr. by 2024 minimum wage bill is in danger of not passing with a veto proof majority.  We need your help to make sure this economic legislation which will help over 84,000 hardworking Vermonters being able to help pay for there basic needs such as, food, rent, healthcare, car repairs, heating fuel and etc. Please call you House legislators and ask them to vote YES on $15/hr. by 2024 minimum wage.

Click on the link below to find to find your legislator’s phone number and email address.



Dennis LaBounty

Vermont AFL-CIO

The new NAFTA is another corporate handout. It won't stem the outsourcing of good jobs or protect the rights of working people. Tell Congress the new NAFTA isn't good enough.

Recently introduced legislation would provide needed protections for health care and social services workers from violence on the job. Tell Congress to support an OSHA workplace violence standard.