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Vermont State Labor Council AFL CIO Annual Convention

September 23, 2017
12:00AM - 11:59PM
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The Vermont State Labor Council AFL CIO is hosting our Annual Convention September 23, 2017 at the Holiday Inn in South Burlington, To register contact Dennis 802-272-6421We will be voting on resolutions including:

Supporting Sen. Sanders Medicare for All Act, Continuing the Fight for Healthcare Justice

A Just Transition for Workers

Resisting Trump Administration’s Climate Change Denial “Energy Dominance” Agenda, Promoting a Just Transition to Public Renewable Power

We invite you to participate and build strength for the collective bargaining process that is under vigorous attack from the Gibbs-Scott Administration. We herald the news Governor Scott signed the bill for mental health parity coverage under workers’ compensation. This bill was brought forward and safeguarded by the International Association of Fire
Fighters in conjunction with the Vermont Troopers Association and is inclusive, covering every Vermont worker.
School employees, NEA and AFSCME members, were not so fortunate; with the mighty power of the legislative pen collective bargaining was weakened by imposing penalties upon school districts that fail to achieve a draconian savings with a 80/20 split on reduced health benefits center stage. Unlike Wisconsin’s assault on Labor, this all happened with the consent of a Democratic legislature.

Landmark legislation, shepherded by Treasurer Beth Pearce creating the Green Mountain Secure Retirement Plan for employers with 50 employees or less without a retirement plan became law June 8th, 2017.

Independent Contractor’s legislation continues to rear its’ ugly head. It could change the definition of who an employee is for the purpose of worker’s compensation and unemployment insurance. This could have devastating implications for workers injured on the job, finding themselves without workers’ compensation.On the bright side second biennium of this legislative session brings bills raising the minimum wage, paid family leave, and card check.

In addition to the election of officers, George Lovell, Federal Mediation Consultant Services will lead a seminar on workers’ rights and responsibilities. Matt Murphy of the NH Labor News will be on hand to lead us through the basics of social media so we can build a campaign to support AFSCME school staff. Tweet, tweet.Solidarity,Jill Charbonneau, President