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Union Paid Election Volunteers​

Traven Leyshon
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The Green Mountain Labor Council (GMLC) will pay union members to canvass and phone bank for labor supported political candidates. If members can take the time to work to support labor supported candidates by canvassing and calling our own union members the GMLC would pay you $20/hour for canvassing and $15 an hour for phone banking. We would mentor you, partner you up, and supply you with lists of union members to connect with. To volunteer contact Traven at 802-522-3484 or email
No prior campaign experience is needed, just looking for passionate and committed people to do member to member outreach. We know that door-to-door voter contact is a more effective tool than television. Door-to-door canvassing beats out direct mail too, so we want to allocate our resources where they’ll do the most good. We say yes to empowering members to carry the union’s political message to their neighbors.

Our grassroots member-to-member political action program, engages union members to inform fellow union members and their families about the candidates that have earned labor’s endorsement — and why they earned it. We're embracing our democratic roots, and getting votes the old-fashioned way, one at a time

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