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Organizing for Power: The Core Fundamentals

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Organizing for Power: The Core Fundamentals May 7 to June 11. Register by May 1

Organizing for Power’s Core Fundamentals is a skills-based training that takes place on six (6) consecutive Tuesdays from May 7 to June 11, 2024​.

Each session lasts 2.5 hours and runs twice for our global audience. You may select whichever track works best with your schedule:

  • Track A runs from 12:00 - 2:30 pm EST
  • Track B runs from 8:00 pm - 10:30 pm EST

Registration is free and open exclusively to groups of 10+ organizers,  because we are only going to win if we're in this together! ​The VT AFL-CIO is organizing a VT group of at least 10+ participants, including an Orientation and Group Debriefs for each track.

Organizing for Power is a training and networking program that, since its founding in 2019, has welcomed more than 25,000 organizers from 130 countries. Led by Jane McAlevey and hosted by the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, O4P is based on the radical notion that, to win the changes this world needs, we need to get a whole lot better at talking to – and organizing with – people who don’t already agree with us.

The world is burning, new and old conflicts are intensifying by the day, and the rich are getting richer than ever off the backs of an increasingly exploited global working class. For working people, the challenge is to use the strength of our numbers, to build majority-led disciplined structures that come together around shared goals and win the campaigns that we launch.

Our Core Fundamentals training focuses on how to do this. Across six weeks – in global plenaries as well as facilitated small group work, and through campaign practice assignments that we expect you to complete – we teach the five core fundamentals of organizing, each a crucial piece for building disciplined majorities capable of fighting and winning:

  • leader identification: understanding who can move people, and that it’s often not who you first think;
  • semantics: recognizing that the words we use matter – they must center each worker’s active participation as key to winning;
  • structured organizing conversations: preparing what it takes to win over the hardest-to-move leaders;
  • charting: incorporating a simple method to understand human social relationships, and to prioritize and systematize outreach;
  • structure tests: developing mini campaigns to build solidarity and site structure, and to know when you are ready to win.

Registration is open from now until May 1st. Register yourself and your coworkers today!

If you have additional questions, contact O4P Coordinator Ethan Earle ( with any questions you might have. If you have questions about the VT group, please reach out to We look forward to hearing from and seeing you soon.